Infamous Action Looks Electric But How Does It Play?

Brad Shoemaker: "My interest level in Sucker Punch's next PS3 action game InFamous has been teetering between "looks sort of OK" and "looks completely awesome" since Sony began the game's marketing campaign. After getting to play a good bit of InFamous, though, I plan to reside firmly in the latter camp until the game comes out in June. InFamous impressed the hell out of me, but before I tell you why, check out this glut of footage that shows off most of the action I got to play myself."

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Chris Hansen3516d ago

"InFamous impressed the hell out of me"

Only on Playstation 3

raztad3516d ago

Yeah man, I knew this was coming. Infamous feels like kicking some serious ass. Probably the most underhyped Sony exclusive but promise to be THE sleeper hit this year.

UnSelf3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

gettin Infamous day 1

gettin Prototype minute 1

(please dont take a bubble im sry for havin a different taste, im still gettin both!!)

morganfell3516d ago

One look at the karma system and I dropped by and paid a preorder in full. This is shaping up to be a phenomenal PS3 premiere for Sucker Punch.

mxdan3516d ago

To be honest, I'd rather have sly cooper (Probably my favorite franchise of all time).

Don't get me wrong, this game looks phenomenal and I will be buying it, but I'm more of a sly cooper fan.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3516d ago

Looks better than GTA4 from a tech standpoint and even better than Prototype. I think Prototype looks great from a gameplay standpoint though, even when technologically iy doesn't look much better than the first Saints Row

3516d ago
morganfell3516d ago

You just joined N4G and then come into a pro-PS3 article with something you just made up? You won't last here. People like you go into the ignore button pile. Goodbye.

morganfell3516d ago

Someone disagreed with what you wrote. There were two points in there. One is a quote from the article. Perhaps they believe you misquoted. The second thing you wrote was Only on PS3. Apparently someone needs a lesson in game development and IP ownership.

Conduct a little due diligence on Sucker Punch and you will discover a major fact that will really make you kick your xbox.

clevernickname3516d ago

It's hard to say if the game will outperform GTA IV in terms of visuals, but I did notice that the game dealt with the draw distance problem with a blanket of perpetual fog. I hope that was an atmospheric effect and not a technical limitation of the game, which does look incredible.

beardpapa3516d ago

Hmm, I don't know. These newer videos make the game seem more interesting, but I still don't know much about this game or what group of audience they're trying to target. Is it a 3rd person shooter type game with levels or is it open world like GTA? And again, these newer videos appear more interesting, but the super power moves look so repetitive that it may not be my cup of tea.

sonarus3516d ago

Owning both consoles is great but if i had to choose one console to play this yr it would have to be PS3. All the good games are coming out on it, its great.

My friend has been harassing me to pick up the show. He claims its one of the best sports games ever and we don't even like baseball. Unfortunately i don't have enough time on my hands to play all the games i want to.

Infamous landing in the summer is good news since i won't have school to worry about.

Infamous just looks fantastic. Easily on my list of most anticipated games

Danja3516d ago

I really recommend picking up the show fantastic sports game , im not a huge Baseball fan either but after playing MLB 08 last year at a friends place I went out and bought and this year's version is by far the best one yet...

as for Infamous day one buy ..enough said :)

Marceles3516d ago

Wow, this game is definitely exceeding my expectations. It's official I'm preordering it. The karma system seems like it'll be cool too in this kind of game. Evil Cole here I come

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dragunrising3516d ago

"My interest level in Sucker Punch's next PS3 action game InFamous has been teetering between "looks sort of OK" and "looks completely awesome"

Kinda how I felt about the game until I saw the video. Wow. July can't come soon enough.

- Ghost of Sparta -3516d ago

Honestly (don't ask me why 'cause I don't even know), I expected more critics to be bashing this game rather than getting on their knees for it.

onijutsu3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

i thought the exact same thing, i thought it was gonna get raped like haze or something.

Edit: not saying it looks bad, i dunno i just got this random feeling.

raztad3516d ago


Cause you fell in the "game looks repetitive an boring" trap :D

This game will be awesome, first we are talking here of SUCKER PUNCH, that people know how to make a fun game.

When I learned about Infamous details, like karma system, upgradeable powers, a lot of missions, open world, I said this game is like GTA + some rpg elements but I still was worried about the combat. Now every hands-on say that the combat is tight and satisfying. First day buy.

Nightfallen3516d ago

Impressive indeed. Was skeptical at first, but all these new videos convinced me enough.

KionicWarlord2223516d ago

that...that was only on ps3.

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