Microsoft vs. Sony the Desperate Attempts to Win This Generation

Sony and Microsoft are the two companies hardcore gamers are following closely behind. They are the two companies in which are battling head to head regardless of whom else is on the console race. Sony has won previous generations whilst Microsoft still kind of fresh to the console war with a mere 9 years lost the previous console war but came in second.

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Aaron Greenterd3517d ago

that's because everyone in the world knows that Sony will catch us, it's only a matter of time.

the article headline should read "for the 1 millionth time, Hiphopgamer pits Sony and MS fanboys against each other based on hype and propaganda"

propaganda created by yours truly, of course =)


ThatCanadianGuy3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Hiphopgamer VS Ripten the desperate attempts to get hits

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