THQ's Street Fighter IV Media Tournament : Capcom's found the best of friends…


"It was officially the first SF IV tournament for the Australian games media. But what started as a casual drinking and gaming PR night, quickly became a hell of a lot more serious as everyone revealed their inner World Warrior when THQ revealed some serious loot for the cream of the Aussie gaming media...

THQ and Mango had turned Sun Studios into a World Warrior's wet dream. Street Fighter paraphernalia plastered on the walls, a cute cosplaying Chun Li, anime playing on one wall, SFIV on another at about 10ft high. Even the biggest fan of Ken had to admit at that size, he is most definitely on steroids."

Full report after the jump:

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Immortal Kaim3544d ago

LOL how funny, Cosplay FTW

Superfragilistic3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

And that guy in the Ryu outfit is pretty funny along with Chun Li who's pretty cute.

That huge projection screen to play Street Fighter on is awesome btw. I'm imaging it on my wall right now. :)

Hunter863544d ago

Haha good read guys. Nice Ryu costume Sutton.

XboxOZ3603544d ago

I think he should stop looking at the girl so much . . looks like he's having a better time than he should be . . . heheheh

gaminoz3544d ago

Looks like they had fun...

Godem3544d ago

Sounds like fun!, wish I was in Sydney!

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