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Playstation 2 Games You Need To Get Part 1 - RPGs

Since the Playstation 2 is now $100, there is no excuse for a gamer not to have one. As such, The Gaming Dungeon is looking at what games are essential to your collection one genre at a time; starting with RPGs. (Dragon Quest VIII, Final Fantasy X, Odin Sphere, Persona 3, Persona 4, PS2, Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, Xenosaga Episode 1, Xenosaga Episode 3)

Gue1  +   2383d ago
From this list I have all of them, even the ones in the "Honorable Mentions"... next!
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Homicide  +   2383d ago
Nocturne is the best from the list. Persona and FFX are pretty good. It's kinda stupid he put Digital Devil Saga and Suikoden and mentioning he hasn't played them. Odin Sphere is wonderful, but those framerate problems are a b*tch! Great list.
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iamtehpwn  +   2383d ago
"Final Fantasy XII is terrible"
so true.

Final Fantasy X - The most Multi layered, well thought out game ever made.

Tidus is NOT annoying. Tidus actually has emotions of high and low. He isn't Monotone like Cloud, Cecil, or Squall--which are all great Characters, but don't diss Tidus.

Want Annoying? See FFXII. "LETS GO SAVE DALMASCA! Look at ME! I have no SHIRT ON!"
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xionpunk  +   2383d ago
People rip on FFXII all the time but I loved it. Not very deep I guess, but it was fun and had a great world.

However, I have just started playing FFX, and I have to say I enjoy the story a lot more. The gameplay is fun, but I wouldn't say it was better than XII, just different.

Star Ocean 2 is still the best though!

Edit: I'm really interested in Nocturne, wish I could find a copy
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phosphor112  +   2383d ago
I disagree
I liked FFXII. It had lots of action in it, and the new battle system was really fun to work with, especially when grinding. I prefer this over random battles. Sometimes I'm high enough level that I just don't want to bother with the guys. Yeah, the story REALLY sucked because it lacked in many different spots, but the gameplay mechanics, graphics, and music don't disappoint.

I think people are just too set on the turn based battles, and if they are, they better change that mindset before FFXIII comes out.
solidt12  +   2383d ago
Agree with xionpunk FFXII is a great game (the main character is very Metro though). Even though I have a PS3 im thinking about Picking up a PS2 for my sons room so he can play Kingdom Hearts, Jak and Ratchet and Clank
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FF7numbaone  +   2383d ago
how is cloud monotone?
coolfool  +   2382d ago
I completely agree with what you say. FFXII is bad and shallow. It has a nice production value but no real depth.

Why is it the only side quests they could come up with involved more battling? I think the main game involves more than enough battling already.
arabiensoldier  +   2383d ago
Those were the days...red faction, jak and daxter, rachet and clank, socom, god of war, killzone......
Sangria  +   2383d ago
Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne / Lucifer's Call is really good, it changes from the naive kiddy japanese RPG games. Dark Chronicle / Dark Cloud 2 is also a must-have, i passed many times on it and is full of ingenious stuff.
thelastawakening  +   2383d ago
OMG after I read this article I was hankering for some rpg action and went to ebay and Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne lowest price is 60 bucks
lwelyk  +   2383d ago
Try looking for one at gamestop, it's cheaper there.
Homicide  +   2383d ago
The game got a reprint a few months ago. Looks like it's rare again. Get DDS, the best alternative. Battle system is the same as Nocturne, but you can't collect demons and etc. The story is incredible, and the game is much flexible than Nocturne.

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Obama  +   2383d ago
As a jrpg fan, I actually haven't tried Xenosaga. Description says it has long cutscene, but that's perfectly fine for me since I have gone through mgs4 without complaining.

I also recommend people to try out Odin sphere. It is very unique and has an interesting storyline.
danthegardner  +   2383d ago
Odin Sphere
The author said it was brutally hard. To me the game is not hard at all, it's very fun and the graphics are very nice, despite random slowdown.
Obama  +   2383d ago
I too find the game relatively easy. May be because I take the time and level up my characters?
BBBB  +   2383d ago
Dark Cloud 2 is the best action rpg on the PS2
lwelyk  +   2383d ago
I liked Dark Cloud in theory but not as much in execution. Great idea, I just wasn't as fond of the result.
iamtehpwn  +   2383d ago
The Original Dark Cloud
was much better.
Dragun619  +   2383d ago
Good list, I've been going around gamestops on my free time looking for some good deals on PS2 games. I've been collecting PS2 games for a while. Picked up Resident evil 4, Grandia 3 and Xtreme, Onimusha collection and MGS collection. Need to get Xenosaga trilogy, Shin Megami Tensei series, Persona 4, and Suikoden 3 and 4.

PS2, the best console ever! :)
patterson  +   2383d ago
I'm glad to see Xenosaga series finally get a mention in a "Best of..." list. It always gets overlooked in a vast sea of great rpgs.

It's one of those beautifully done games that nobody bothered playing. Shame that.
KingItachi  +   2383d ago
I have all those games and I love the SMT series the most.
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Nikuma  +   2383d ago
Suikoden 3 is a amazing RPG. Starts out a little slow but man does that get get epic. One of my all-time favorite RPGs. Digital Devil Saga 1 was a sick game.. 2nd one I didn't care for quite as much but still good. Nocture of course is amazing. FFX was kind of a let down for me but I still finished it so overall pretty good.
Obama  +   2383d ago
I haven't played 3 but have read the comic and like it. I have played 2 and 5 and they are my favorite rpgs of all time. These 2 games have the most memorable storyline and characters.
NegativeCreep427  +   2383d ago
Another reason to rip on FF XII
because it broke away from that same old "Little Androgynous poor boy meets high-class, blue-blood girl. Sound like complete opposites? well don't worry. They discover the meaning of life and love and destroy all that is evil in the world and it is all HAPPILY EVER AFTER!" Formula.

More political-driven storyline and Different, unique battle system are the major points narcissistic fanboys use to attack FFXII, but in my opinion that is what makes it stand up and above the other entries in the series.

How many internet fanboys were complaining the series was growing stale? Plenty. They wanted change, they got it!
lwelyk  +   2383d ago
I'm not a fanboy of FF, I only like IV, VI, and X. IX was pretty good and the rest I wasn't really into. I never got to the political storyline, I quit about 5 hours in due to the horrendous MMO minus the other people battle system. Who knows, maybe it got brilliant, but the characters annoyed me and I wasn't enjoying the battle system, so I quit.
raztad  +   2383d ago
Hell yeah, Im going to get one ps2 only to play some Jrpgs. I had unfinished DQVIII and I was loving that game, pretty awesome, the arstyle, the challenging gameplay.

How good looks the ps2 on a 32" lcd?
George Sears  +   2383d ago
Awww Nocturne, my favorite RPG last gen.

Although the article says to buy Xenosaga 1 and 3, don't skip 2 though because story wise it was great, but I do agree with the author that they didn't have to change the battle system so drastically and make it so horrible and somewhat complicated. It was really unnecessary since it didn't have a bad battle system to begin with.

I would also like to add Kingdom Hearts 1-2 as a must buy. Don't let those Disney characters fool you, this game was so awesome.

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