CryEngine 3 vs. Unreal Engine 3 Comparison

Chances are that over the last few years you've played a game built using the Unreal Engine 3. Whether on BioShock, Unreal Tournament 3, Gears of War or another game, you've seen the engine in action. Some think it's the best game engine built to date, while others think it's old and overused. Well, with the recent announcement of Crytek's new CryEngine 3, Epic may need to watch its back, as there's a new game engine in town and it's sporting technology surpassing anything seen on the consoles yet.

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reincarnated3517d ago

CryEngine 3 wins hands down.

Jpinter3517d ago

Hence why Epic Games has been working on Unreal Engine 4 for the past few years. But I have to say...Crytek sure is a top contender now.

GWAVE3517d ago

UE3 looks dated. Why use UE3 in this comparison when the Rage engine is out there, the Killzone 2 engine is out there, the Resident Evil 5 engine is out there, and the Uncharted 2 engine is out there?

Hydrolex3517d ago

They should use the CELL for that

PrimordialSoupBase3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Unreal's trade off is mediocre outdoors and foliage, while CryEngine's is sub par urban sprawls. They're each useful for their specific type of game.

But if Crytek's proves to be easier to develop for, then that's another story entirely. That's probably the main point no one ever talks about. Tech demos are hardly everything.

Why dis3517d ago

I'v noticed that too.

I guess now that the CryEngine 3 is on console fanboys will use this as an tool to bash anything they can for the hell of it or for some resentment( Usually Unreal Engine 3/PS3 troubles/games).

Just calling it out you don't see me hunting for this sh*t to submit on this site.

PS3istheshit3517d ago

i played unreal tournament 3 on my ps3 and it was insanely good
graphics, physics and everything
i gotta admit as much as i dislike 360, gears of war looks pretty dam good
the bulky characters are look awesome
if any1 hasnt played unreal tournament 3 then you better stop being greasy and play it, or Imma Hav To Cut Yo Ba11s Mang

3516d ago
DeadlyFire3516d ago

CE 3 does have an edge, but its still just CE2 repackaged for optimization on consoles and PC platform. CE3 is not a new engine just a fixed engine. Just wait until 2011-2012 when the big guns come out with Unreal Engine 4 and CryEngine 4. The true game engine battle will commence.

IcarusOne3516d ago

That's news to me. I thought it was still mastering UE2.

If that rumor about CE3 being considered for feature CGI use is true, that's awesome.

likedamaster3516d ago

You can't forget art direction. While I notice more detail in CryEngine 3, it's boring. Same environments, same hyper realism no true variety and diversity in art direction. It's still a while till we get a game using this engine and won't really know what it's capable of till later, but comparing it to a proven engine like UE3, although imperfect, is a little premature...but then again, there's no better standard(for lincensed engines) than UE3 right now.

Parappa The Rappa3516d ago

maya aint goin anywhere, calm down

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swiftshot933517d ago

have created the best multiplatform engines this generation. Kudos to them.

By the way, IMO the demo I saw wasnt the greatest thing I've seen. I've honestly seen better looking games. But still it is mighty beautiful.

Jpinter3517d ago

You guys will be seeing a game that utilizes the CryEngine 3 very soon... ;)

ThanatosDMC3516d ago

Dont add Capcom's engine since everything is solid (plants, hanging clothes, etc.) and there's a lot of invisible walls in their games.

San Frandisco3517d ago

uh,cryengine WAAAAY better then URE3 .. i have crysis and play it on high (not highest) and its INCREDIBLE and blows the sh!t storm outta URE3 visuals.

socomnick3517d ago

cry engine 3 is not what crysis runs on. Cry engine 3 from what I understand is a gimped version of what crysis runs on.

likedamaster3516d ago

It's not a "gimped version" of Crysis engine it's a "scalable" version of Crysis Engine for consoles. It's the same with Unreal Engine 3's scalable engine for consoles just look at Gears PC. Much higher res, better textures, higher framerates, and DirectX 10 support. Gears for PC looks phenomenal on PC. I still play it, btw.

Carbide73517d ago

It's kind of unreal by how far CE3 wins this one...
(Pun not intended)

CrippleH3517d ago

CryEngine 3 doesn't even seem complete yet also.