WiiWare World: Bonsai Barber review

A portion of the Bonsai Barber review from WiiWare World:

"If you were randomly asked which developer had the most well-known franchises under its belt, you'd likely respond by saying Nintendo. With series such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon under their belt, it isn't difficult to see why. With that being said though, it should also be noted that they're the publisher who's released some of the greatest new IPs, most notably through the WiiWare service. Thanks to the service, the Art Style series was born, as was Maboshi's Arcade. Their latest IP, Bonsai Barber, may not look like the most hardcore experience they've released in the past decade, but beyond a shadow of a doubt, it's one of their greatest games they've published on the Wii Shop Channel.

Since the barber of the village retired, the local residents have been awaiting the moment in which they could receive the latest foliage fashions. With you being the new barber, it's up to none other than you to pick up your scissors and chop away branches and satisfy your customers. It may sound a little quirky, but it's a very original idea that puts a unique twist on being a barber."

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