Why does Sony condone game sharing?

Sony has had a policy for its digital purchases since it introduced its Playstation Network store. They allow you to share almost anything you purchase in the store with up to 5 Playstation 3 consoles. It's Digital Rights Management (DRM) with a little wiggle room. In the event of a hardware failure (*cough* xbox) you can move all your purchased content to a new machine, or reward you buddy with a few treats for buying the same console as you. SCEA's President Jack Tretton even condones game sharing:


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morganfell3549d ago

It's a great idea. What Sony is doing should be the norm. However it looks odd when compared to their competition.

swiftshot933549d ago

SSBB. MS is the only one that doesnt I believe.

meepmoopmeep3549d ago

i like that image they used, lol

majorsuave3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Games I bought on my old Xbox360 are still there and available to the new user on it, and I copied them to my new one with a MS memory stick I borrowed from work (Isn`t it wonderful working for a game publisher... you can borrow hardware - This friday I will leave home with a PS3 that I borrow for 2 weeks :).

So, the same copy of these games can be played at the same time on 2 xbox 360.

If I do "recover gamertag" on any Xbox, I`m pretty sure I could download games there and they`d stay playable on this xbox to other users.

Trollimite3549d ago

if it were an XBL feature it would be the greatest thing in the world. sence its MAINLY a ps3 thing. its an unneeded feature thats keeping the ps3 from greatness. i wish it wasnt this way. but it is

morganfell3549d ago

When you recover your Gamertag on a 360, the games are still on the old box until you connect the first time with that old box. Then they would have to have your gamertag password and go through the recover process on that box. Not to mention the disc if it is an addon. And then the next time you boot up the same thing happens again to you on your xbox. You have to reload your account any time you connect because with the 360 they know which machine last had your account. It isn't even on the same continent as what Sony offers.

barom3549d ago

Thanks to Sony's friendly DRM. I'm actually willing to buy PSN games. I recently bought Puzzle Fighter, Suikoden (PS1) and Flower off of PSN and I would probably not have done so if the DRM were more restrictive. I know I would at least hesitate to buy both Puzzle Fighter and Suikoden (Flower I was kinda interested in). At this stage I'm planning to buy Burnout as well (just need some free time).

So to sum up, the DRM on PS3 is not another factor in my purchasing decisions that I need to worry about. All I care about is if the game is good or not and price.

dragunrising3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Though you need to be careful of who you share your games with as your login info must be shared. Also, you should reserve one or two potential copies if you decide to get a second PS3 (or it is stolen, broken, etc..) for backup purposes.

Ldubbz3549d ago

I actually agree with Morgan on this. Its awesome that Sony lets u do that...though it does seem odd that its allowed. I mean, this is "put a secret root kit on your CD's" Sony, if some of you remember that. As adamant as Sony has been with people copying their music and other media in the past, this surprises me.

I also think it has to do with the PSN logins. Since they're not 'tied' to a system like MS' are, since they dont charge, they almost have to do things this way. But at the same time they block Warhawk and GT5:P, which is their own stuff, but not Burnout, which is 3rd party. Strange. But those two titles do cost more, so maybe thats why.

My roomie has Wipeout HD thanks to me...freeloading bastard...

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rmatott3549d ago

one of many unspoke about features of the ps3

Oner3549d ago

Yep. Sony (Playstation brand specifically) actually looks out for it's buyers with future planning, better hardware, STANDARD features & for those who got them (like me) full BC compat with early PS3's (that everyone now wants but complained to high hell about it's price back then, sucks for them for waiting too long).

There is so much that can be said about how much you actually get for the price you pay for a PS3 (even a PS1 or PS2 when they where first launched). Certain types of people can talk all the $#@! they want but the fact is you get get a HELL of a lot more for the cost of a PS3 then you do with the competition.

demonicmember3549d ago

I thought it was a cute image; I had to use it on the article

Fatal Blow3549d ago

O right so i can share my psn game's with my friend's and not get banned does anyone know if this is true if this is true it's amazing am buying some more psn game's 2day lol as long as i dont get banned

Enate3549d ago

Yes you can with 4 other people I do it with plenty of people we have a nice sharing circle an pretty much every psn game gets bought atleast 2 to 3 times depending. So the sales are actually better this way to be honest. An on top of that not everyone shares, believe me they are making them sales.

Szarky3549d ago

This is such an awesome feature. I'm giving my friend tomorrow when he comes over my login info and he's getting about 5 games I've bought. I'm getting about 3 from him.

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