Babes in Boxing, 50 Hottest Ring Card Girls

With the upcoming Fight Night Round 4, Ring Card Girls again will be featured just like they were in FNR3. There's no hiding that girls in games sell. Check out these 50 Ring Card Girls!

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BrunoM3516d ago

Ther is some REALLY damn hot girls there .. But there was something else in all thouse pics that got my eye... here see if u can spot what ...

(Yep u all got it got punch the fuk out but cant help but look lol.)

equax3516d ago

They are all good looking. My favorite was

mrjuandrful3516d ago

Didn't think that pic would get picked up. Love the face!

Trollimite3516d ago

my brother is an amature boxer and ive seen some way better girls than that!

its almost like they went to one match and picked at random.

just watch ufc one day