Madden 10 to be released on August 14th

The countdown to the Madden NFL 10 cover announcement begins today with the launch of and the There Can Only Be One campaign. Each week, check back to the Madden NFL 10 website as candidates that capture the essence of Fight for Every Yard are introduced. See who is in the running for the most coveted cover in sports video games, leading up to the Madden NFL 10 cover unveil on Friday, April 24th.

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Trollimite3545d ago

idk how they can conteniu to realease the same game over and over again with minor tweaks, year after year.

they should realease one final game and update it every year.

if burnout can add airplanes and flying cars to there game EA can add some les than stellar features.

cronaldo73546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

King -- ESPN NFL 2K5, I salute you!

Braineater24483546d ago

You can't deny it's an insanely popular franchise.