Tales of the Bargain Bin: XIII

Gamer Limit writes: "For every game you play, you know there are at least a dozen you have missed. Even the most hardcore gamer will let a couple slide, as the tighter you close that fist the more will slip through your fingers, and my time is generally spent eating, sleeping, bathing and writing. Although, you'd be surprised how often I skip about three of those. Recently I ventured into unknown territory; into the bargain bin.

My aim was simple, and my aim was pure; it was to capture the moments of gaming that had slipped me by. For every Kratos I have seen ascend, whose trials and tribulations have I missed? For every Squall I have seen victorious, whose misery have I neglected. For every demon I have seen fall…I guess you've gotten the idea by now."

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agentxricky3543d ago

XIII Was a truly original game. Not much of a shooter, but it was a fresh take on the genre.

Fullish3543d ago

Agreed, I loved this game back in the day.

xabmol3543d ago

The movie wasn't half bad ether.

HDgamer3543d ago

This is truly one of the best underrated games that need a sequel for the next gen consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.