Reeves: PS3 is a link to 3D

Earlier this year, Sony revealed and demoed 3D technology running on the PlayStation 3 with three separate titles (MotorStorm, WipEout HD, and GT5 Prologue). According to SCEE President David Reeves, the "PlayStation 3 is a link to 3D," adding even more value to the system.

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xabmol3522d ago

C'mon Sony you know us gamers want it. R&C in 3D really would be a crackin' time. lol

onijutsu3522d ago

yes i see it now

killzone 3D

i mean the loading screens were trippy enough as it is...

onijutsu3521d ago

whats there to disagree with? i didn't really put anything to argue with did i? care to elaborate?

scenegamer3522d ago

Stuff 3D, bring us VR!

VR tech has been around for years and years, and yet nobody wants to bring it to the home gamers.

Sega nearly did, but it got shelved at the very last minute :(