100th Million Wii Generation Console Sold Worldwide as of 3/28/09

The week ending March 28, 2009 is a milestone. As of March 28th, over 100m Wiis, Xbox 360s, and PS3s have been sold to gamers. The Wii gen sold 100m consoles months faster than the PS2 generation did.

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SL1M DADDY3464d ago

And as for the title...

Wii gen? Really? Are we calling this gent he Wii-gen?


What's wrong with current and next?

Braineater24483465d ago

Kind of surprising. Around 2 1/2 - 3 years ago these consoles came out. Now they've sold a combined 100,000,000 . Video games are on the rise!

Seferoth753465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Grats Nintendo on your 50% market share. Kinda odd a few days after they announce Wii hitting 50million that they also announce the 100m of this gen. Never thought I'd see the day when Nintendo held a majority market share again.

@below, Was it really that hard to figure out I left out "again"? Really that seems like such a minor issue that anyone could pick it up.

PirateThom3465d ago


Cause, I've seen it twice before.

Braineater24483465d ago

Never doubt Nintendo. NEVER! =P

WildArmed3464d ago

lol people will pick up at anythin >_>

Either way, I'm glad Ninetendo is still in. I'd miss my Zelda games ALOT then. But.. seriously.. stop with the handheld Zelda >_< I prefer em on N64/GC/Wii....

jBat173465d ago

i have a wii in my house. i don't really play. tried it once, found it too shallow, kiddie. the golf game in wii sports is good, though.

Bren863465d ago

Misleading title much?

thebudgetgamer3465d ago

that might be the worst headline i have ever read here


Seferoth753465d ago

Last gen is the PS2 era because it sold the most. This gen is the Wii era. Not really misleading, they do it every gen.

solidjun53465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

I think you are. That dude was a rabid wii fan.

Braineater24483465d ago

Its only because so many people disagree on what generation to call this. What would you say is a better name? *waits*....Thats what I thought. xD

thebudgetgamer3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

that headline stinks

:) edit: waht are you talking about it has nothing to do with the wii its the way the headline is worded thats not english

100th Million it should be 100 millionth

edit 2: my bad

Seferoth753465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

@ Solid, I really do not understand your problem.. That is just the way it is. The Nes era is called so because the Nes won. If someone else knew that it doesnt make them a fanboy. However I can tell by the way the truth causes you pain and you want to attack that you are the very thing you want to call others so welcome to ignore. Just because you cant handle the truth doesnt make it any less true.

Saying the PS2 era got its name because the PS2 won makes me sound like a fanboy for Nintendo? You have some serious issues.

solidjun53465d ago

you have issues. What truth? I agree with the budget gamer. The headline is a bit misleading. I have no pain because the wii is winning. I have wii. Seriously you sound just like chaoticstupid with his confronting writing style and that fact that you have to defend the wii with your fiber causes you pain. As for the ignore. Be my guest. you won't be the first and I'm sure your other accounts won't be the last.

Seferoth753465d ago

Ignore is a wonderful thing.. Could you say that one more time? I missed it...

solidjun53465d ago

I used it on your other account.

Seriously are you butthurt that although you have me ignored, you responded? wow...get help choatic.

ChickeyCantor3464d ago

I don't understand how that person is "chaoticstupid".
ChaoticStupid attacks in a much more of a aggressive way.
This person is tame...

His comment didn't come off as "fanboy" at all, you are just making a fire here.

Seferoth753464d ago

I find it amusing Sidar that he talks about some guy being a rude fanboy who attacks people and then he does the exact same thing based on his personal opinion of Nintendo.

Nothing wrong with what I said except I gave credit to a company he doesnt like, so he attacks me like a child. I'm sure he had some very amusing insults for me but its a waste of time to take him off ignore. Thanks for at elast noticing i said nothing wrong though.

solidjun53464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

"Ignore is a wonderful thing.. Could you say that one more time? I missed it"
Practice what you preach. And the fact that you look for compliments from Sidar shows your character.

ChickeyCantor3464d ago

" Practice what you preach. And the fact that you look for compliments from Sidar shows your character"

Seriously you are just looking for a fight...

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