Rumor: Crysis 2 Headed For PS3, Xbox 360 In 2010

Blend Games writes:

"So maybe you seen the CryEngine 3 tech demo and was wondering why certain things looked familiar. Well, I'll tell you why it looked familiar, it's because the game used for the technical showcase was Crysis. Better yet, there's reason to believe that it was actually Crysis 2."

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BIOSHOT3521d ago

good i dount need a 2000$-5000$ pc.

WildArmed3521d ago

Too bad its just a rumour thats not likely to come true.

On the other hand, I just got a new PC (for $400) n put a 40$ video card in there and now i can run crysis..
Now i just have to go buy that damn game.

BIOSHOT3521d ago

400 for a pc and $40 for a video car not bad skvoo7.

WildArmed3521d ago

I just picked up Crysis. and it works great. (can't handle max setting, but it can handle the recommended pretty nicely

Phantom_T3521d ago

What this game offered except good graphics.
To be honest,i think fanboys want this game so bad just so they can say to themselves "yeah X console runs this game better than Y console"

brycespitler3521d ago

why would they make the sequel to their acclaimed game inferior to the first?

some ppl need to use their brains

and if any console miraculously does get it...the only one that can handle those graphics is the wii (Duh!)

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