Price update for access to Blu-ray movies

Netflix has announced a price adjustment for their Blu-ray rentals, and it's not the kind that'll put a smile on your face. Netflix cites the higher cost of Blu-ray discs as the reason for the price hike, despite the fact that Blu-ray prices have dropped significantly at retail over the past 12 months. For those who already subscribe to Blu-ray titles, the price increase will go into effect on April 27, 2009.

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T3mpr1x3521d ago

Surprising? No, I'd call this a baffling move.

Monsignor3521d ago

This is pure greed. There was a time where Blockbuster looked like they were the greedy ones. Now, Blockbuster loosens up and Netflix makes a bold and very dangerous move by adjusting the rates for the media likely to take over the market. I have a feeling, Blockbuster is going to be able to take advantage of this without doing a damn thing.

ryanjtravis3521d ago

I already opted out of the service... $5 extra per month? Not worth it.

Eddie201013521d ago

This is a negative for Netflix not PS3 or Blu-Ray. There are other ways to rent Blu-Ray movies, Netflix don't own the Blu-Ray rental market.

This article has a stupid tittle.

crck3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Switch over to blockbuster people. No additional fees for blu-ray movies. Trade in envelopes at the store for discounted game rentals ($5). Plus they will start renting games later this year for only $5 extra to your monthly bill (though the selection will probably be limited, that's still a great deal).

And lets face it Blockbuster needs the business. You guys do not want to see Blockbuster go bankrupt even if you like Netflix more. Otherwise you can expect even higher fees if there's no competition at all. I mean it sucks that Circuit City went belly up and one of the only places to buy large electronics locally now is Best Buy. I have already noticed less specials and higher prices on their tvs.

Aclay3521d ago

"New Netflix Pricing gives PS3 Owners the Blues"

Why does everything Blu-ray related have to directly impact PS3 owners? I mean, there ARE people that DON'T have PS3's and have Standalone Blu-ray players.

It's not like Netflix is increasing the pricing for PS3 game rentals because something like that would probably give "PS3 owners the Blues" but not this.

I don't use Netflix anyways, I buy Blu-ray DVD's.

Mindboggle3521d ago

Thats why Lovefilm is the best...

PotNoodle3521d ago


What is a blu-ray dvd? :\

Ahmay3521d ago

redbox is pretty good for dvds..

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locos853521d ago

This is why I rent from I pay the same no matter what disc I am renting, and they will soon implement an online game rental service to compete with Gamefly, which I don't use since it takes forever for me to get a game when I send it in.

KionicWarlord2223521d ago

lol just ps3? other people just have blurays ...funny article.

DoucheVader3521d ago

And so is the source piece. I don't think this would have been OK as a Blu-Ray piece.

dragunrising3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Also, its spotty logic connecting blu-ray rental from Netflix and PS3. After all, there are other blu-ray players that aren't PS3s. The article makes the assumption that the added cost of owning a PS3 went up as a result. Silly. As a Netflix subscriber myself I was none to happy to find a dollar increase email in my inbox. Still, I figure that renting from Netflix still saves me hundreds of dollars as opposed to renting blu-rays from Blockbuster or paying $25-30 dollars to buy. There is always an upside :-p

Ahmay3521d ago

How long can you keep it for?
How do u send it back?

DJ3521d ago

Considering that freight costs, as well as manufacturing costs for Blu-ray titles, have actually dropped. Hopefully Blockbuster won't do the same.

jack who3521d ago

if they paid 600$ for a ps3 am sure they wont mind.....

DJ3521d ago

In fact, I don't think anyone sees this as small news.

ultimolu3521d ago

Misinformed dear, poorly misinformed.

thereapersson3521d ago

It's Jack Who. Did you expect anything different?

hippo243521d ago

While jack is biased to the point of angerment, he still makes a point.

The same people who are willing to buy High definition highly expensive TVs that support HD, and then turn around to buy expensive blue-ray players, and then subscribe to a service that is only beneficial if you use it often, and they use it with the intent of watching the highest quality visuals possibly.
are probably the least likely people to cry over an extra buck or two.

Well at least I wont be...

UltimateIdiot9113521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Jack's argument still fails.
The problem here is that the extra few dollars are unjustified. Yes, the people who own a bluray player already spent a lot on a home theater but that doesn't mean every bluray owners will start accepting such a stupid policy. Besides, bluray are scratch resistant, so they can reuse a lot more than DVD.

It's almost like saying, if I own a hybrid, I need to pay an extra few dollars per gallon. Yes, I paid a premium to own a hybrid car but doesn't mean I should pay a few more dollars per gallon. If you follow Jack's logic, hybrid owners should pay more for gas because they go to the gas station less.

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