EvilCast NewsBrief, Episode #31

GamesAreEvil writes, "So it's Monday again, whoop dee doo. Well other than the super cool price cut we have and a tid bit of other interesting info, we have nothing to look forward to this week. The releases are less than stellar.. While we'd love to go into depth about the crap that hit shelves this week, here is the game that you should pick up this week (if any)..."

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CrAppleton3423d ago

Don't you just love these Evil™ bastards?

bgrundman3423d ago

They are definitely off the wall

reluctant_gamer3423d ago

I don't know... one of you is in my take out list... and not the take out to dinner one. I did learn why sometimes Cory's a bit... weird (glue) and why crayons disappear when Blake's around. Us girls will get back at you on Friday... just wait.

Neco5123423d ago

I think Elmers Glue is safer to eat than crayons, idk though

roblef3423d ago

We want a Evil Cast with WIMMINS on it! Girls! Chicks! Women! Females!

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Neco5123423d ago

So this was an interesting show, it always seems to be though

Spolodaface3423d ago

I didn't eat crayons because I used to swear they tasted just like crayons. Now biros, that's a different matter.

roblef3423d ago

I love it when folks are honest. "Less than Stellar" indeed.

However, what about games they HAVEN"T picked up yet. Why do we only have to pick from this weeks crap game release list? We DONT! Hooray!