Two more videos of The Conduit

Two more videos of The Conduit have been released, coming from this year's GDC.

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dragunrising3543d ago

Awesome videos that fans of Conduit need to see. There seems to be a lot of customization in the controls as well as weapon variation. Looks a lot better than past videos.

Jadaking3543d ago

what other good games are coming out for the wii, not any current ones. I'm thinking about getting it.

Braineater24483543d ago

This reminds me of Metroid Prime in a way.

Shnazzyone3543d ago

wow they bumped up the graphics again! the character models seem to have alot more detail and shading. Did anyone else see that aliens head blow up?? freaking awesome! This officially looks better then halo 2 now.

As soon as i see an official release date i'm preordering.

rjguess3543d ago

That video is crisp!!! Thats 480p? Man when I buy this game I sure hope it loos that well on my HDTV.

Shoko3543d ago

It's gonna look better AND clearer in person. When footage is uploaded to the internet, the quality takes a huge hit, and especially Wii games since they can only run in 480i/p. The Conduit looks god-like in person.