Gamedaily Reports: Wii to Lose Market Share to $99 PS2, says Sony

Hardware marketing director John Koller tells us that Sony believes it will steal some share from the Wii with the new $99 price point on PS2. We also chat about PS3's pricing.

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DragonWarrior_43545d ago

Man,, Sony needs to face reality. They are in total denial about this whole console war.

sonarus3545d ago

Sony is being overly optimistic imo. PS2 games aren't releasing like they used to. All they have is a large catalogue of old games for dirt cheap. They seem to be under the impression that the wii is selling well because of its price point. Thats just dumb.

Unless sony can pull a playstation fit or a sony play out of its ass. No loss of market share for wii

Godmars2903545d ago

Like MS is about Japan? Not that I doubt this is going to effect the Wii, but its sure to boost PS2 sales one last time.

Smacktard3545d ago

Sony's so jaded this generation. I still don't think they've learned anything.

$99 PS2 is sure to take some part of Wii's market share, but no way is it going to have very much of an effect. It'll hurt 360 and PS3 sales just as much, if not more.

Snake Raiser3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

How? I mean, I doubt the wii will die from this, but that is not what sony expects.

jwatt3545d ago

I don't think this will effect the wii too much, maybe the $199 360 but Sony will have to promote.

crck3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Read the article people. This title was generated to create hits. He was asked if he thought this move would cut into the Wii market share. What's he suppose to say? No? The full answer is actually well thought out and quite complimentary of the Wii. Honestly, you people need to read before spouting out stuff.

As for the PS3 he was also quite clear that the mandate from Japan is profitability, not market share. Just think about it. Sony sold 10 million ps3's last year worldwide? If they had cut the price $100 that means a loss of $1 billion in revenue. Sure they would have made some back in software sales but probably not enough to off set a billion dollars.

@1.1 You need to read the article as well. They expect 80-90 ps2 titles this year and the same amount next year. These are mostly licensed multiplat crap that gamers wouldn't touch. But they are games that kids and non-gamers/casual gamers would buy. Ps2 is for casual, low income or non-gamers. Ps3 is for the hardcore gamers.

RememberThe3573545d ago

is not the same a saying you going to kill an entire system.

How the hell you guys guys make these mental leaps...

heroicjanitor3545d ago

Their plan is to make motion controls for the ps2, then they will have a motion control system far cheaper than the wii.

Dandiego3545d ago

The reality of the market is Xbox 360 has more system sold every month in north America so this blog is really PS3. Just look at the agree/disagree from PS3 and xbox 360 commentaries. It's always on the PS3 side. When you talk 2 days about your old system you can best believe it's bad news for Sony so you are right.

More system sold in North America for Xbox and more PS3 blogers... I'm thinking you guys don't play your PS3 all that much you have way too much time to vote on every comment. I have the PS3 and it's not the system I play the most... If you are a serious online competitive player Xbox 360 is the way to go... unless you have a PC which is the best system for online play. PS3 online is straight up laggy and I have a PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii so I CAN compare so I,m not talking out of my $()*%.

xwabbit3545d ago

How long have you guys been in the market compared to Sony ? Who you think will know more ? Just asking

heroicjanitor3545d ago

Make a bad comment about the ps3 in the ps3 section and you will get disagrees, make a bad comment about the 360 in the 360 section and you will get disagrees. It's how it works. Usually there is more ps3 news, so most people come in here, and you don't understand that.

SL1M DADDY3544d ago

I am guessing that few of you read the article. Sony has a right to be optimistic. Does that mean that what he wishes will come true? Nope, but it would be a little od and quite possible career suicide for him to say no, his console will not sell well... You people act as though if somebody stands behind their product that they are stuck up or full of themselves. Maybe, just maybe it's what corporate folks do, they promote their stuff rather than shun their goods.

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sajj3163545d ago

It'll take some market share but not a great amount. People that buy a week buy into casual gaming with motion controls. They buy it for Wii Fit or Wii play or Wii sports. Unless Sony starts putting motion controls on a PS2 and deliver casual games ... don't see it making a dent.

Snake Raiser3545d ago

Thats what we all said about the wii motion control...

dragunrising3545d ago

Sony could have easily turned the PS2 into its version of the Wii with a wireless remote and dongle. They could still do it. As long as the PS2 continues to sell, they should really think about this option. Its not like most Wii games look much better than PS2 anyway.

Mini Mario3544d ago

"It'll take some market share but not a great amount. People that buy a week buy into casual gaming with motion controls. They buy it for Wii Fit or Wii play or Wii sports. Unless Sony starts putting motion controls on a PS2 and deliver casual games ... don't see it making a dent"

Well they slapped on motion contols for the ps3, and that didnt work out too well for em.

"Unless Sony starts putting motion controls on a PS2 and deliver casual games"

The ps2 has MANY casual games already, actually more casual games than "core" ...*cough*

Buzz, barbie, bratz, shrek part, singstar , eye toy yeh there all casual. Plus the million others. Up for some DoA beach volleyball>>?

frayer3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Makes sense, but this will steal more sales from the 360 than anything else and they know that

smart play

Elven63545d ago

If it steals from the 360 it will also steal from the PS3,

OmarJA3545d ago

& then those PS2 owners will convert to the PS3 when it's cheaper...

Pretty smart move from SONY...

thebudgetgamer3545d ago

that new motion controller almost free dev kits.


Elven63545d ago

I really don't know if releasing a motion controller accessorie at this point will do anything, maybe if they packaged it in with the box and got behind the idea of motion controls it might take off?

thebudgetgamer3545d ago

but i couldnt hurt, it will probably keep it around for a few more years. it will also help small devs comming up.


Raoh3545d ago

LMFAO, yeah John, cause the $199 360 is hurting the Wii LOL