Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood New Gameplay Video

a new gameplay video for Bound in Blood.

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aggh im on fire3516d ago

Looks like they have nicked the Fallout3 combat system. Looks ok so far.

TheColbertinator3516d ago

Yeah they need more than just a VATS knockoff to impress FPS gamers these days

Hellsvacancy3516d ago

They Stole it from Red Dead Revolver in that game u could do the EXACT same thing but the rest of it didnt look 2 bad ill giv it a rent

stevoman753516d ago

it is more of a mix between the slow-mo quickdraw from gun and the targeting system from red dead revolver, but this game really looks emersive and i loved gun and rdr but this is the first western game besides the history channel civil war type thing that has been in first person.

Hellsvacancy3516d ago

But i loved Red Dead Revolver the level where your in a cemetery fightin sum boss dude whos got a casket on his shoulder yeah man that was great fun

Fade_Walker3516d ago

Wow the game looks good (graphics wise). Perhaps I will have to check it out.

socomnick3516d ago

yea techland is always impressive with graphics. Amazing graphics even in from this low quality video.

PrimordialSoupBase3516d ago

Despite some awkward contrast in this video, it's definitely one fine looking game.

Faztkiller3516d ago

i liked the first call of juarez so i can't wait

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The story is too old to be commented.