x360a: Stormrise Review

x360a writes: "It seems like strategy games are the new black (weird fashion reference but bear with me) as they are certainly cropping up like the latest fad and seem to be emerging from all over the place. Obviously we have been treated to the Command & Conquer series, Supreme Commander, Halo Wars, Civilisation, Endwar and so on, but now we have SEGA trying their hand at the console market. Before we get all excited about our dream RTS which pits an army of Sonics (perhaps you need to build up some base defences using emeralds?) against Dr Eggman and his battalion of spiky evildoers, we should point out that the game is set in a grim future ravaged by disaster. Kind of like Sonic then, but not quite. Still with a number of innovative design features can it carve out a niche amongst the big boys, or will if be pummelled by cheap rush tactics?..."

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