The Apple Users Guide to Being Less Obnoxious: Part One

Logan of writes: "Hardcore Apple users tend to be obnoxious. Hardcore PC enthusiasts can also be obnoxious but there is a difference: PC users have more options, more information, and a broader perspective. Typically,they are able to see more sides of the issue. And, for the most part, they are not robotically blinded by all the marketing nonsense.

I'm spawning this series in an attempt to help Apple users be more helpful, less obnoxious individuals. It all started this week when I joined a mac forum to ask a few questions concerning my OSX86 installation. So far I have had none of my questions answered satisfactorily. I usually get flamed. Well, it's time to lay down the law. Here is what the hardcore Apple crowd can do to better the world and stop sounding like mindless fanboy macbots."

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meepmoopmeep3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

PC options: how many anti-virus programs should i get?


freakinglogan3493d ago

nice... did you read the article? I guess not... you are perpetuating the obnoxiousness... lol.