BioWare Answers Your Questions

Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk answered MTV Multiplayer readers' questions and told them about what they're changing in Mass Effect 2, BioWare's future and how they like to keep players gasping.

excerpt from interview:

"I'd like to know if they plan on supporting coop in Mass Effect 2.

Greg Zeschuk: Well, we haven't disclosed a feature set at this point.

Muzyka: But multiplayer is something that, at a broad level, BioWare is interested in exploring in our games in the future. The good news is that we have a great multiplayer game that's co-op in The Old Republic, our Star Wars game. I hear that's going to be pretty big. [smiles]"

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chaosatom3546d ago

Muzyka: Well… on that front, we announced it for 360 and PC and beyond that we don’t have any comment."

Umm...that's not answering the question. More like dodge, roll, evade.

Sarevok3546d ago

I know right? A yes or no will do!

ukilnme3546d ago

Indeed, just give us a straight answer. That roll was better than Ryu Hayabusa's.

Droid Control3546d ago


I'd love to play with my friends (if i had any...)

pippoppow3546d ago

True, just answer the question. Either it is or it isn't. These Devs nowadays are so full of it. Either they have no plans, are thinking about it or definitely plan to release it.

ukilnme3546d ago

I agree somewhat. I have to give props to most of the Playstation Devs. At least they tell you it's not coming to another platform. Anyway, I think ME2 is coming to PS3 now. Timed exclusive for 360. Provided my 360 does not break, I'll get the 360 version.

frayer3546d ago

Mass Effect on PS3 would be way better than some arbitrary online feature