PS2 Took Twice As Long To Hit $99 As PSOne, Sold Triple The Games

The numbers behind the PS2 and PSOne's price drops to $99 are radically different - and show how the machine's 10-year-cycles have been nothing alike.

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KionicWarlord2223520d ago

but it was in demand people stil wanted to buy it.

madmonkey03520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

this doesn't take inflation into account,
the $99 the ps1 cost would of been meen more money interms of spending power.than the $99 the ps2 will now be. so if it was worked out with an actual monetary value the ps2 probable cost the same as the ps1 along time ago.

lordgodalming3520d ago

I thought the same thing.

From the article, "Imagine what the PS2 sales could have been had the system dropped to $99 four years ago."

I can imagine. The PS2 STILL would have been the highest selling console of all time and Sony would've made less money per console sold. Hmm...I'm no economist, but sounds brilliant to me. Right guys? Guys?

TheColbertinator3520d ago

Interesting article.Very interesting

TheColbertinator3520d ago

Its just a comparison of how different the success of the PS1 and PS2 were detailed.It shows how successful platforms such as the PS1,PS2,gba,DS,and the Wii can all have different methods or goals off accomplishing a ten year or 100 million mark

Farmhand3520d ago

Do you really think that the Wii and DS will have a ten year life cycle?

TheColbertinator3520d ago

Yes their adoption rate is truly amazing.Not to mention the DS has had only one price cut and Wii has had no price cuts and its selling faster than PS2 did in its lifetime.The DSi will create another surge in the DS sales for a long time.The Wii is the only console at the moment that can reach ten years while I doubt the PS3 and 360 have that much staying power

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Godmars2903520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

The PS2 sold better than the PS1, sold 3 times the amount of games. Yet is it suppose to be a negative or positive that the PS2 or PS1 hit the $99 price before the other?

Aclay3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Sony could have dropped the PS2's price to $99 dollars earlier if they wanted, but there was no reason to because plenty of people were still buying PS2's at a record rate at $129, $149 and $179.

The PS2 had a higher demand during the same portions of the PS1's lifecycle because the PS2 sold 100 million in a little over 5 years, but it took the PS1 around 9-10 years to hit 100 million... and if a product has high demand (like the Wii) when it's selling at a higher price, you don't need to cut the price.

Flewid6383519d ago

The economic circumstances were a lot different. I think the POINT he's trying to make is, "The PS3 doesn't need a price drop yet for it to be as successful or more successful than its predecessors."

Products and services sell only as well as the people who have the money to buy them. Right now.....there is very little money.

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