PlayStation Home Xi update - 30 and 31 March

PS3-Sense writes: "Due to circumstances we could not inform you yesterday on the PlayStation Home Xi update, still here is it to. There is some fun came last in this adventure. If we mention the last time that you have an email from Thom where he had been told that he was busy the whole weekend to working on the teleport pods functioning."

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Sev3400d ago

Why do we need a daily update of Xi? How is this news?

SI7VER3400d ago

Hopefully it gets better each day that passes imo.


MaximusPrime3400d ago

N4G = "News for Gamers"

any type of news is suitable for N4G

Sangria3400d ago

For the same reasons we would put a rumored Playstation Store update 24 hours before the actual update. A news is a news ;)
Even if i don't approve daily news of a same subjects or weekly roundups, i prefer that than news that brings nothing really interesting, like the Top 10s or flamebait articles.

PotNoodle3400d ago

I'd rather have this type of news than the stupid "Is the Xbox 360 going to fall behind in 09?" or "Why the PS3 is a failure.." articles

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Toenado3400d ago

I agree. I cant wait to see what future holds.

LeonSKennedy4Life3400d ago

The Xi is the best part of Home.