Fatal Frame IV coming to Europe

Seems Fatal Frame IV is finally being released outside of Japan. Now we will be clear Tecmo has not made any announcements about release dates or even it being released in Europe but it's hard to argue with the above print of the game in a magazine.

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TheColbertinator3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Good.Hopefully an American release is also announced

callahan093396d ago

What's with the disagree? Somebody honestly hopes a game DOESN'T come out? Only jealous fanboys could disagree with the hope for a game to become released around the world. Anyway, Mr. Colbert, I agree with you... I desperately hope Fatal Frame IV gets a US release.

nintendohomie3396d ago

the always funny phantom disagree. doh

avantgarde843396d ago

Now we need a North American print ad lol

DNAgent3396d ago

Fatal Frame for Wii? I'll pass.

GFahim3395d ago

jealous son of a b*tch! ur loss!

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The story is too old to be commented.