The9 To Develop New MMO

The company that operates World of Warcraft and many other games in China, The9, is to develop its own MMO.

The9, which has obtained licences to operate games such as FIFA Online 2, Hellgate: London, Ragnarok Online, Huxley, Guild Wars and of course WoW, is making an MMORPG called 'MUX'. The Chinese name has yet to be chosen.

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Maticus3544d ago

I wonder if they'll drop WoW if it proves to be a competition to its own game.

Leord3544d ago

Indeed, I was thinking the other way around, and Blizzard dropping their contract with The9 if they start to pace up.

Elly3544d ago

I doubt it. It's all money in the bank.

Malfurion3544d ago

Yeah, more likely to be the other way around. I'm sure there are other people who would snap WoW up if The9 didn't pull their weight.

Leord3544d ago

Interesting. I assume this is because most of their income is from WoW, basically...

Jinxstar3544d ago

Soon once D3 and SC2 are out. WoW will only be a 'Minor" income for them honestly. Especially if they do team fortress stuff on

Medievaldragon3544d ago

I wonder otherwise. Would Blizzard drop WoW from the9? Isn't that conflict of interest to develop their own MMO?

Leord3544d ago

They manage other MMO's though, so I assume they are aware of that. If it would grow large, I do think there is such a risk, though.

Maticus3544d ago

I think the9 and Blizzard are on rocky terms right now anyway, if all the rumours are to be believed. What is it, 4 months late for Wrath of the Lich King now?

Dorjan3544d ago

They can't be in that much trouble if they are producing a new mmo!

Malfurion3544d ago

Hmm, maybe they were saying they were in trouble just so that Lich King would get the green light.

thetamer3544d ago

With China the way it is, I think Blizzard won't really care if they're publishing their own mmo