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With last week's announcement concerning the sequel to "Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare" , no prizes for guessing what will be the biggest selling game of the year but how many of the new features from "World At War" will find their way into the new game?

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JeffGUNZ3550d ago

150 headshots seemed a little too high, i think it should be dropped to like 50 for all guns, maybe a little higher for snipers.

Avenged Sevenfold3549d ago

The article asks if the latest CoD (MW2) will borrow from Treyarch's last iteration. Ha! Treyarch can't make a game for sh1t, they need a blueprint in order for them to come anywhere close of making a good game. It should say how many features from CoD4 will make it into MW2.

I agree about the 150 headshots on assault rifles and smgs being too much. Also, cage match should be totally disabled to discourage boosting. You can still do it in Domination but it should be prevented or tweaked so you can't boost for camouflage and ranking up. Please fix matchmaking and make dedicated servers and regions. I hate going into a game with German or Hispanic people shouting at me. Muting people in the lobby would also be nice. Built in clan system with clan matches and clan exp. (Gamebattles is for scrubz).

More guns should be included (please keep the G3, M16, and M40A4). No vehicles please, they're overpowered and bring out all the noobs. Customizable character skins would also be cool and maybe the ability to customize your own gun camo. Also, disable spawn tubing for Hardcore Search (Regular also). I mean I spawn tube but only because other people do it and I don't like having the disadvantage. Sorry about the essay guys, just stating all the gripes with CoD4. If IW implements all the features I stated then we'll THE perfect shooter this holiday season.

Phantom_T3549d ago

reward good players EG Killzone 2 style - 10 headshots in a match.
Not grinders EG COD4 style - 150 headshots during your gaming time.

Corepred43549d ago

150 kills is fine for say snipers, shotguns, and assault rifles to get the red and blue camo. for the rest i guess 100 would be fine. 50 for all guns are you kidding me? no way! it'll be too easy. if you have the skill you get rewarded, if you don't your stuck with no camo forrrr you!!!! cod:[email protected] is a waste of a game. it sucks so bad... i can't believe people could go back to that era after MW!

Phantom_T3549d ago

You're going to get those headshots by pure luck,and grinding through and getting chance headshots will unlock stuff eventually.
Skill rewards. GOGOGO.

Corepred43549d ago

whats to say people won't get lucky in one match and get those 10 headshots? i know the chances are slim but still... at least the way cod4 did it they set the number so high that by the time you get near that number your gonna have to be good with it. if your not and you get the camo anyway your gonna be killed before anybody even notices you have it... and you'll still suck, lol...