New Everquest II Update Details and Screens

Sony Online Entertainment has released new details of the upcoming update for Everquest II.

The Elements of Corruption update will feature conflicts between enemies of old, as the island of Lavastorm is invaded by Void creatures. Multiple features will be updated as well as the island itself.

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Leord3400d ago

I'm quite fascinated EQ2 still has so many followers!

Dorjan3400d ago

Mostly from EQ1 I bet!

Leord3400d ago

Yes, ofc, what I meant was that so many have stayed in EQ2 despite WoW's march on the market...

Maticus3400d ago

I can't believe Lavastorm is getting a makeover! As long as they don't delete any of the old NPCs or quests.

Leord3400d ago

Oh, is that the name of a zone in the game? That would kind of make sense with the pic of the news article =)

AndyA3400d ago

Unsurprisingly, it's looking a bit haggard these days.

Fyzzu3400d ago

I do still kinda like the design, though.

Arcturus3400d ago

haven't played EQ2 in years