'Fable 2' Developers Tested Microphone-Control For Game's Dog

Gamers who played last fall's Xbox 360 hit "Fable II" were supposed to feel an emotional connection to the virtual canine that faithfully followed their hero throughout the game.

The dog was mostly self-sufficient - following, leading and fighting on its own - though it did do tricks with the press of a button.

What if players could talk to that dog?

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SasanovaS7773517d ago

they made such a big deal of that dog and turned out to be useless. fallouts dog was 100 times more interesting

PotNoodle3517d ago

I actually disagree, i found the dog in fable 2 to be more useful even if it was very scripted and glitched out quite a bit.

Eiffel3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Are you serious. That dog was extremely useful. You have not played Fable 2.

I loved Fallout 3, but Dogmeat was a dead weight NPC. Always going after enemies that kill him with one hit. Either spiting me to send his ass to Vault 101 or reload a previous game save.

Vecta3517d ago

Fallouts dogmeat is the perfect example of stupid partner AI, whereas Fables dog is a good example of good partner AI.

I fail to see how a dog that runs off and gets itself into fights without you realising untill its dead is better then Fables dog.

PS360PCROCKS3517d ago

The dog was a dumb gimmick. Sure it found you treasure and helped out in some quests. But, the fact remains it was still very gimmicky. I sold Fable II for Resident Evil 5 because I was so bored I couldn't even play it any longer

PS360PCROCKS3516d ago

Oops excuse me forgot this is N4G, where your opinion is always wrong.

Farmhand3517d ago

its so funny that all MS has up its sleeve is rehashed Nintendo ideas