20 Game Boy and GBA games we'd like to see on DSiWare

Ever since Nintendo let slip its intention to bring Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games to DSiWare, POcket Gamer has been lost in a haze of pining nostalgia for the portable games of its youth.

Now seems like the perfect time to dredge up those memories, hold them up to the light, and consider which of these former greats would stand up to a re-release on the new DSi download service.

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SasanovaS7773493d ago

give me golden sun 1 and 2 with updated graphics and new touch screen mechanics and i will go out and buy a DS right right out the door right now

GWAVE3493d ago

Heck yeah. Golden Sun is where it's at.

If GS came out in the SNES era with FF3, Chrono Trigger, etc., I firmly believe it would have been considered one of the "classics".

Flare1493492d ago

Good to hear of more Golden Sun fans, that really was an amazing series. Might actually replay the first soon.

SpoonyRedMage3493d ago

How about Chain of Memories?

Link's Awakening XD please not the original.

And what about Pokémon? Like... all of them.

Tony240ZT3493d ago

If you liked chain of memories check out Re: Chain of memories for PS2. I played through it on the GBA, having fun doing it again in 3D

SpoonyRedMage3493d ago

I would if it was out in the UK, which I doubt it is.

UltimateIdiot9113493d ago

Metroid Fusion and the others.
Maybe Zelda Links awakening.