WoW: No Aerial Combat For Now

World of Warcraft's Game Director Tom Chilton has spoken about the lack of aerial combat in WoW, but says it's something Blizzard would like to add to the game.

The PvP zone in Northrend, Wintergrasp, which was added in Wrath of the Lich King, originally had planes in the beta that players could take command of to bomb the opposition below. There were also anti-aircraft vehicles in the zone, however, both features were removed before the expansion went live.

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Malfurion3252d ago

Major shame, it was excellent on the beta. I can see how the system might've been abused though, and as Chilton said, it wasn't the most realistic experience.

Would be great if they made it more like a flight sim.

Leord3252d ago

Not so realistic, but major major fun!

Recka3252d ago

well, I can see your point, but most of the movement in WoW isnt exactly realistic anyway, I can see the amount of abuse to me used however.

SasanovaS7773252d ago

dont worry people, AION will come and save us all

Fyzzu3252d ago

Shame, but unsurprising. It's something they'd want to get right, and it's not much like anything they've done before.

AndyA3252d ago

Yeah, I'd like to see some aerial combat so long as the balancing wasn't an issue.

Malfurion3252d ago

That's the trouble, so many chances for cheating, or at least gaining an unfair advantage with aerial attacks. That's why Wintergrasp is a no-fly zone.

Leord3252d ago

Well, in this case, balancing is a major issue...

Unfortunately, the beta was major fun.

Elly3252d ago

It absolutely has to feel right too. I wouldn't expect a full-on flight sim but the pyhsics would need to be believable for it not to be cheesy.

Xwow20083252d ago

add fly zone 2 wintergarsp

forcefullpower3252d ago

I think they first need to resolve the LAG issues in wintergrasp before they even think about putting planes in.

But otherwise would be pretty cool.

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