The Future of Too Human

Aimforthehead writes: "From its fairly impressive teaser to its eventual and underwhelming retail release, Too Human never stood a chance. Staggered by seemingly constant generation shifts, a disastrous preview build and serious technology woes, Silicon Knight's next-gen debut was arguably kept from being all it could be. And that's without mention of the studios president, Dennis Dyack, appearing on podcasts, blogs and message boards tirelessly defending the product's quality in an attempt repair the damage done by the infamous E3 demo."

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JeffGUNZ3493d ago

Hopefully they just trash this for good. I was so let down by Too Human. I was looking forward to this game for so long, and I was shocked at what sub-par material they gave consumers.

reddybrek3493d ago

Yeah, Too Human wasn't the greatest. It had issues, rough around the edges.

Grown Folks Talk3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

but i finished it 3 times. It was 1 of those games that doesn't really stand out, but for some reason whenever I started playing, I found myself playing for hours at a time.

Red Pill3493d ago

could be addictive when you got into it.