PS Cloud? Is this Playstations big announcment?

Sony decided to patent its new baby, the PS Cloud recently. Well more notably, the day after the debut of OnLive. We'll breakdown the patent so you know what Sony has in stored for you after the jump.

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Hellsvacancy3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Wot is this Cloud ting?, i was in Amsterdamn 4 4 days last week and havnt bothered lookin at ALL of the Gdc stuff yet but ive been hearin about Cloud, if i wasnt a lazy person id look 4 myself :-P

Edit. I didnt want sum1 2 agree wid me i wanted sum (kind) person 2 elaborate on wot it was (im at work and dont hav time)

MegaMohsi3545d ago

It's basically the samething as what onlive would be trying to achieve. Being able to play games without having a disc based console, streaming the games through servers and displayed on your tv, although with Cloud I believe they're gonna try to implement it with the PS3 eventually.

Hellsvacancy3545d ago

Oh ok, i thought it was a game engine or sum sort of new tech like the Flux Capacitor or summin the way people where talkin about it

Sounds like a cool idea though like i said im a lazy person :-P

Thank u and bubbles

sonic9893545d ago

and i doubt that there is an announcement today
but there is 2 things remain in my head
1. its the ps2 price cut

Anon19743545d ago

Sony patented a tech that would imprint game disks on the console they ran on so they couldn't be sold, lent or traded off to anyone. Thankfully we haven't seen that teck rear it's ugly head.
Microsoft patented a tech that could censor live audio streams in real time. Sadly, we haven't seen this tech yet.

I wouldn't get too excited about this report until we hear something from the company. A lot of this stuff will never see the light of day.

Ju3545d ago

Could be more then OnLive. Could mean resource donation through your PS3, like you do already with [email protected] OnLive needs a lot of processing power in a central location. A cloud distributes processing power through the internet. Now, with a couple of million PS3s out there, the computing power of those devices (especially SPU code) is pretty much unmatched. I would rent out my idle time. Give me some money back. Man, imagine, you could even make money by owning a console. How cool is that ?

DeadlyFire3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I agree fully with Hydrolex. PS4 is only generation that could support cloud. Although they could maybe make it work on PS3 and PS4. Either way PS Cloud is likely to not take any shape for another 3-5 years at least. In that time frame PS4 will be aiming for a launch in 2011 or later if you believe random people. I say 2011 PS4 will come about and somewhere between 2011 and 2015 we see PS Cloud appear.

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DragonWarrior_43545d ago

I can see sony Implementing this. Using the ps3 as the modem, bluray, and BC compatibility. Genius.

Alcohog3545d ago

Streaming of PS2 and PSone games could be the rumored "BC for everyone" we've been hearing about. Pretty smart.

raztad3545d ago

It's more than that. The Cell Broadband Engine Architecture is network aware so it can be used to seamless interconnect ps3s. Old Kuturagi envisioned this ps3 cloud when designing the Cell arch.

Alcohog3545d ago

On March 31st 2009 the PS3 Cloud became self aware.

-"There's a storm coming."

-"...I know..."

choo choo choo cha-choo... choo choo choo cha-choo...

jrsenkbe3545d ago

How about an online game rental/demo service. Essentially PS3 owners could play any game first right from their PS3 before dropping the $60 for the game.

Alcohog3545d ago

Pay as you go gaming? Not for me but intriguing and intelligent. Lots of interesting theories in here that seem entirely applicable to this cloud service.

phosphor1123545d ago

Not one bit, want to know why? I have over 200 PS2 games and about 90 PS games. No way am I gonna buy them all. lol..then again I can already play my PS games =P Still though, I see it more for like a "netflix" kind of service, with the choice of games there to choose.

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MainstreamGamer3545d ago

Its the ability to play ps2 games without the need of hardware or software emulation. Instead of servers like onlive is using, sony will be using ps2 on their end to stream the game to your ps3.

heyheyhey3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

sounds like Sony has big things planned.... where's Microsoft?


Sony announced things like Fat Princess and MAG at E3... while all MS announced was NXE, which gave birth to the E74 error that bricks yet even more 360's

it's not a matter opinion... Sony KILLED MS last year at E3, despite all the bots telling us to "wait for E3" or whatever, yeah we waited... waited for Sony to rape MS and Nintendo

it happened again at GDC.... MS sat there announcing nothing, Sony announced two new BD games and 4 PSN games and a new engine

it will happen again at this year's E3... sorry :)

KionicWarlord2223545d ago

if you think sony murder e3 then you enjoyed what sony offered,everyones going have a different opinion.

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