Endless beta? Ars interviews the men behind PlayStation Home

Ars Technica writes:

GDC 2009 marked the second anniversary of the PlayStation Home announcement, and Ars was invited to speak with Jack Buser, director of PlayStation Home for Sony Computer Entertainment of America, and Peter Edward, director of the Home platform. I started by asking how far we've come since that announcement. "I think everyone gets it, we're starting to see large numbers of people in there. The user base is active. Content is constantly coming in... when you have the Guitar Hero space you pretty much know you've made it. The fact of the matter is, every major publisher for the PS3 now has some kind of plan for Home," Buser tells Ars.

What is Home? A virtual space where gamers can get together to talk about games, play some arcade-like games themselves, explore areas based on PS3 titles, and even purchase new accessories for their avatars. The service has been treated somewhat harshly by the press and gamers for having little content at launch-and for having quite the collection of griefers, with harassment usually aimed at female avatars.

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sonic9893549d ago

i love the home concept very much
and it will succeed in the next few months without a doubt
thats why they call it beta that means its not ready yet to be considered as a failure or a success

raztad3549d ago

Yeah, Home is a pretty good idea, and it is being very well put by Sony. Most people that came here and bash Home because is boring or something in the lines, are missing the point. Home aim is to be a social interaction network, ala facebook, o like this very same website, where people talks and interacts.