Miami Law: 1 Part CSI, 1 Part Ass Kicking, 1 Part Sudoku?

The Portable Gamer writes:

"The folks over at Hudson Entertainment recently clued us in to a new DS action/adventure/brainiac game they've been crafting called "Miami Law," set to release in June 2009.

We picked a few noteworthy and potentially intriguing details out of the official press release, and thankfully none of them involve David Caruso:"

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CrAppleton3542d ago

Interesting mix there.. CSI, ass kicking, sudoku.. don't see that every day

Neco5123542d ago

Ass kicking on the DS? I'm so there!

CrAppleton3542d ago

So this seems like the sort of thing we really need on the DS right now.. looks like it would be fun

Neco5123542d ago

Yeah, my DS was dusty until the latest GTA Came out, so I'm not sure if I really even have time for this right now, but it looks like it might be worth a look

Neco5123542d ago

CSI FTW! Anyone else a fan of this sort of thing?

roblef3542d ago

Can not STAND that show. That being said, having a weird hybrid game on the DS could rock.