Interview: The Maw's Creators Talk DLC Dilemma

In this interview, Gamasutra talks with IGF-nominated indie studio Twisted Pixel's CEO Michael Wilford about his studio's approach to downloadable content with The Maw, and why the developer isn't "trying to rip [gamers] off" with its deleted scenes concept.

Game company Twisted Pixel captured the attention of Xbox 360 owners when their action adventure title The Maw was chosen for the 2008 Audience Choice Award at the Penny Arcade Expo. The Xbox Live Arcade game was also a finalist of this year's Independent Games Festival.

Gamasutra talked with Twisted Pixel CEO Michael Wilford, focusing on their approach to recently released and upcoming downloadable content, which will debut on both XBLA and PC, the latter thanks to Valve's Steam service. In addition, we hear about The Maw's core audio design concepts, including the minimalistic yet effective use of voice acting and the score by composer Winifred Phillips.

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