Fils-Aime: 360 isn't performing well in Europe

NoA boss states Microsoft's console is only performing well in UK

Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has stated that aside from the UK, European consumers are not buying Microsoft's Xbox 360 console.

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eques judicii4289d ago

I mean really, microsoft hasn't ever really sad anything too negative about the wii. In fact, Peter Moore has even praised it and asked reggie for one. He adopted the wii60 idea and said that the wii is a very fun and inovative device and that microsoft needs to learn from nintendo. But Reggie won't stop bashing the 360 at every opportunity. This guy needs to learn some humility and play a little nicer... he's beginning to sound like a sony rep.

Silverwolf4289d ago

Nintendo is riding a high horse at this time with the wii. Before the wii there consoles sales well... sucked. Then you have all this free publicity from MS and Sony saying how great the wii is. So now reggie has this swollen head that would rival any disproportioned mii head ever! He just better hope it doesn't get popped anytime soon...

bilal4289d ago

i think he confused the two (360) being a game console and the other (wii) being a piece of sh*t (obviously comes cheap)

ASSASSYN 36o4289d ago

Well, crap you people are so to the point...I have nothing to say.

InMyOpinion4289d ago

A piece of sh!t and also "two gamecubes stuck together with duct tape" as some wise (crazy?) person pointed out.

I like the Wii but your comment was funny.

PS360WII4289d ago

Not liking the comments for 3 but you can't blame a man for being an idiot. Moore used the Wii60 thing to stop Sony. He does not even want a Wii nor has one to be purchased (If you read his interview in EGM)

All Reggie is doing is his job of making the Wii sound better than competition. Moore along with other 360 PR's talk chit about all the other consoles and now when a man from Nintendo side says something you all are in an uproar. So what if the 360 only sells in UK it doesn't mean anything. Wii is selling everywhere in the world and isn't slowing down. Anyone would be on a high horse right now

r10004289d ago

Wait I thought 360 owners loved the Wii "ONLY" because it's beating the PS3 sales.. What happened to the Wii60 relationship...???

Vojkan4289d ago

There is no such thing as Wii60. Thats something retarded fanboy invented or wish there was such thing. Nintedno and Microsoft are not sharing what they earn, hence they have nothing to do with each other...

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The story is too old to be commented.