The Real Hero of the Killzone Series: Cpl. Billinghurst

It might have been the actions of Jan Templar that won the battle for Vekta. It might have been the heroics of Tomas Sevchenko that led to the end of Visari's rule. However, if it had not been for the involvement of one brave soldier, neither of these victories would have been possible.

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dylantalon3250d ago

cpl billinghurst should be the main character or play an important role in killzone 3.

ps. the talon stands for talented

Nineball21123250d ago

Man, GG really puts the background into their games! :-)

ChozenWoan3250d ago

In the article they mention something that hints that there will actually be 4 Killzones and not just 3. Yeeaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!

redsquad3250d ago

Yeah, I remember him from KZ1 'escorting' me (as TEMPLER) for a few minutes before losing his bottle and leaving me to go on my own... the bugger!!!

pixelsword3249d ago

...along with a promotion to Sargent.

He reminds me of Wedge from the Star Wars Series; in the thick of it to the end, but not the main focus.