Sony PS3 2.70 Firmware Update Unlikely

IncGamers has learned from Sony it is unlikely there will be a firmware update for the PS3 this week.

After rumours the 2.70 firmware will be available, a Sony spokesperson refused to comment on the legitimacy of the source.

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thetamer3545d ago

It's a shame, because there was talk of it being released with the Resistance update.

GrieverSoul3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

And then there were talk of it releasing with the Killzone patch yesterday..

And there will be talk about it releasing thursday on the PSN store update...

And there will be talk...

Its killing me too! I want the update with all the cool features that have been rumoured but lets give a rest and wait for the PS blog update to see whats coming. I hope 2.70 isnt just a ´´Stability Improvment for PS3 titles``

Leord3545d ago

I agree, definitely a shame. Any idea how far along they are with the firmware?

morganfell3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Here is the issue. Sony has been very firm about confirmations and denials lately. The PS3 price drop is a good example. No price drop planned? Sony stepped in and squashed it...immediately. Why not do the same here. Why the comments from Insomniac about 2.70?

I am not saying it is coming. But if it wasn't then as of late Sony would typically have stepped in and said so in a firm manner.

Anon19743545d ago

This isn't the type of announcement that needs any secrecy. It's just a system's update. I see no reason why Sony would hide the info, or persuade developers to keep mum on the issue. If they were planning an update soon, I would think they would just say what it is and when it was coming out.

All this hype surrounding an update....sheesh. I think chances are pretty good it's not coming in the immediate future.
This kind of reminds me about the hype revolving around the announcement today. We knew ahead of time it was going to be a PS2 price but because you can't give that news to retailers all over the world and not have somebody blab. That's why I knew it wouldn't be a PS3 price cut. If it was, some 14 year old emo kid working at Gamestop would have scanned a flyer or something. There was nothing like that except the scans of the PS2 price drop.

Go back to playing games, people! It'll be released when it's ready.

Karum3545d ago

The reasoning for it being thought it would be released with the R2 update was both unfounded and completely uninformed.

The reason people thought that was because of the dual PSN sign in feature with R2. People were thinking a FW update was needed to allow for it and they were right but that FW feature came in an earlier version of firmware.

StalkingSilence3545d ago

Who am I? Just another person on the internet, so trust it or not, the firmware update includes little more than security/PS3-format compatibility. It IS coming soon, but will disappoint if you think it includes cross-game chat, voice messaging, etc. It is installed on some PS3s already, while the firmware may make a few changes yet to be seen, I'm certain that in its current state 2.70 is security/compatibility only.

gamesmaster3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

phew, thanks for clearing that up for us stalkingsilence, i like how you backed that up with some hard evi....... oh... wait you didnt..

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sonic9893545d ago

we will get sooner or later
the most important thing is to put as many features as possible in one update
and again wait for the official sony word on the subject
and dont hype it cause we dont want them ( sony ) to rush it
why always sony gets all the hype cause they want us to be disappointed
who are they ( the biased websites )

adolson3545d ago

The Rumor Mill seems to be the only place where people still have jobs.

Malfurion3545d ago

It's still not 100% either way.

THC CELL3545d ago

sony would of debunked it by now
when it was very first announced

Fyzzu3545d ago

I love April Fool's. The one day of the year when everyone thinks it's acceptable to be incredibly annoying! At least some people make it amusing...

Fyzzu3545d ago

I know. But Thursday is the usual update day, and it's one day after April Fool's. I don't find it hard to consider the two being linked, particularly after reading that article.

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