Scoring Gaming Deals: Wii games on sale today (3/31/09)

Wii games will be on sale throughout the day today (3/31/09), as's featured Gold Box and Lightning Deals. The Gold Box Wii game is Wii Music, which is $29.99. A pretty good savings of $20 for a Nintendo game. It's available while supplies last. Throughout the day, more Wii games will go on sale as part of the Wii Lightning Deals. Be on the lookout on the hour, since these tend to go fast (depending on the game of course).

Here are the hours that each Lightning Deal begins, along with a hint of the game:

6:00 AM PDT - In the Garden of Weeden, honey, don't you know that I love you?
10:00 AM PDT - Start training now.
2:00 PM PDT - The Milky Way's got nothing in comparison.
3:00 PM PDT - Give me a W! Give me an I! Give me another I! What does that spell?
6:00 PM PDT - That's so cute! The animals think they're people!

Hmm... could Animal Crossing: City Folk be the 6pm deal?

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