Why Doesn't The PSP Have Trophies Yet?

PushSquare: "Here in PushSquare towers, we're currently playing the PSP version of Buzz!: Brain Of The UK [expect a review in the next couple of days - Ed]. One thing we noticed was the way the game has it's own inbuilt trophy system. It's a theme that's shared by other PSP games; Resistance Retribution and No Gravity: The Plague Of The Mind spring to memory. What's stopping Sony putting trophies in all PSP games?"

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Harry1903543d ago

a Sony exec said that they were considering adding it, but that due to widespread instances of piracy, it would be unfair towards some users.

himdeel3543d ago

...cheaters never prosper :) or get trophies and they ruin it for the non-cheaters.

get2sammyb3543d ago

That makes sense but is really sad on those of us who actually buy our games. :(

Lord_Ranos3543d ago

I would welcome the trophies on my PSP.