Square Enix Introduces Common Online ID System

Square Enix announced today the start of the "Square Enix Account" program, which will allow users to access Square Enix online services and content using a single ID. Final Fantasy XI will be among three titles compatible when the program kicks off in Japan on April 7.

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Pennywise3542d ago

Boo another 3rd party sign in? boooooo SE are failures this gen. Didnt they see what happened with MGO? Such potential, but most people dont want to jump through hoops to play a game.

The gaming GOD3542d ago

They should tie their games into psn and xbl. Konami's ID for MGO and Pro Evolution Soccer was too much of a hassle. MGO would have more players had it not been for the hassle of the Konami ID. But hey, if SE wants to have the same issue, who cares? Not my money lol

SpoonyRedMage3542d ago

This has little to do with xbl and psn, this is about their playonline games, like FFXI. Unless it will be expanded to xbl/psn games.

This is currently about their PC games(although FFXI is on PS2 and 360).

Gun_Senshi3541d ago

well I already have POL ID

jack who3541d ago

if you ever played an EA game online guess what?()

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