Sony Pictures favors iPhone - is Sony losing faith in the PSP?

iPhone Otaku looks at the hot licenses Sony Pictures is bringing to the iPhone, including Ghostbusters, James Bond and Angels & Demons rather than developing adaptations for the PSP, and asks whether Sony, as a parent company, is losing faith in its own handheld console.

Or is it astutely exploiting the iPhone's current popularity?

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MURKERR3542d ago

since the handheld was released

Chubear3542d ago

Really? Sony losing faith in a product that has moved over 50million units?... really?! o.O

Leio3541d ago

Sony just dont see the Iphone as a threat against their PSP simple as that..

iTaku3542d ago

Yeah, not disputing that the PSP has some interesting games coming out - it's the fact that Sony Pictures is looking elsewhere for its license deals when you'd expect the PSP to be its first port of call.

v1c1ous3542d ago

and the iphone has mass market appeal that the psp doesnt have. doesnt have to take a genius to figure that out.

farhsa20083542d ago

the iphone as a gaming device is a joke and that is putting it mildly, no buttons = no play! PSP FTW

iTaku3542d ago

30 million iPhone and iPod Touch users might disagree about that :-)
To be fair, though, I love the PSP - it just needs bringing back up to speed by Sony (who got complacent with it). Which, apprantly, isn't happening (see the article).

Ashton3542d ago

and i completely agree that games on app store are a joke.fukin garbage.

iphone/ipod are useless as a gaming device.

Menchi3542d ago

And all of those 30 Million use the iPhone for games, right?

Hint - They don't

peeps3542d ago

i agree. i bought 1 cus i love gagets and i can listen to music, piodcasts, watch tv shows etc etc and there are plenty of cool free/paid for apps but i never bought it with the intention of using it as a gaming device. Only bought 1 game on it so far but it is pretty gd (wolfenstein 3d) but really any games i'd get for the thing are more puzzle/quiz type games than the full on action, racing etc etc games you get on psp (altho i sold my psp when i bought my ps3 due to lack of games for it and it just not getting enough use)

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frayer3542d ago

iphone /= Psp

iphone games are quick cash ins

Jerk1203542d ago

Doesn't surprise me. The PSP sucks. Not as much as the PS3 but close.

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The story is too old to be commented.