Gears of War 2 Snowblind Multiplayer Map Pack

According to the Major, the Gears of War 2 map pack, Snowblind, is available now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 MS Points. What do you get for your space bucks, though?

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3544d ago Replies(1)
forcefullpower3544d ago

Who let you two out of the Open Zone --------->

Rofflecopter3544d ago

4 maps for 200 points a piece isnt bad. i wont be getting it but my roommate is.

The Meerkat3544d ago

I've had it with this game.

I played it on sunday to see how the update works.

In my first game I ran up to a locust and tried to chainsaw him, I went straight through him then it showed me chainsawing a 'Baird' who was in my team. Then both me and the Baird died.


I sooooo want to love this game, but i can't

JeffGUNZ3544d ago

The fact that they took out the ability to do ANYTHING after running is ridiculous. It looks so dumb when I sprint across the map to get to the annex circle, I get there, and cant shoot, melee, chainsaw for 2 seconds. I am just standing there and then get killed in those 2 seconds. They should have left this game alone when it first came out and just fixed the glitches and the lag.

By the way, it still lags like no other and I see nothing about a region filter. All I see is my character pulling the trigger and the bullets coming out about a second later.

solidsnakus3544d ago

i think it has more to do with the fact that your still trying to chainsaw people like a noob where as everyone with skill would of just 2 pieced em.

JeffGUNZ3544d ago

I think the problem is you can't have run-and-gun game modes, like annex, when your have to assault the circle quickly to overcome, and then remove run-and-gun controls. Annex is ruined now, so is king of the hill, all you can play is execution and warzone. How is that fun?

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