SingStar® Trophies revealed

35 new PSN Trophies for the game SingStar®. That's 21 Bronze, 8 Silver and 5 Gold Trophies including a Platinum. Click the article to view & comment on them.

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PirateThom3465d ago

'bout time!

Time to unleash more awesome videos for all to see!

Bnet3433464d ago

Ha! I tried doing those "singstar sessions" people do on youtube, but good god I suck balls. :P I downloaded the rickroll song on singstar :) I love singing that. :) BTW is this the regular singstar for PS3? I don't have Vol. 2. I am trying to find out now.

Arsenal4Ever3464d ago

is this Sony's announcement? Joking lol

Jamegohanssj53464d ago

The one thing that bothers me aboot these trophies are the ones that require you to play it on a certain day. Play Singstar on the day it launched in Europe. The other is play it on Christmas day. Eat your heart out trophy lovers. Holy crap. Hannah Montana game is out next week WOOT!


PirateThom3464d ago

Adjust the PS3s internal clock and get them in one go. :P

DeforMAKulizer3464d ago

I like the Home awards... Wonder what they could be =D

STEVIE_3464d ago

Are these trophies in Singstar Volume 2?

FreestyleBarnacle3464d ago

Isn't vol 2 basically vol 1 with a different track list? The core Singstar stuff is still on there so it should work, shouldn't it?

typikal823464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

yeah but its 2 different "games", just like Rock Band and RB 2 I guess

then again you can just swap discs and its still SingStar, sooo..... I dunno. I'm confusing myself now.

FreestyleBarnacle3462d ago

In a way it is different like the rock bands but all the extras in v2 and even v3 were patched in as soon as I connected to the internet. I would say that the volumes are all really just solid state download tracks.