BioWare - Dragon Age will "stand out more than a shooter will"

VG247: BioWare boss Greg Zeschuk has told VG247 that RPG Dragon Age Origins has more chance of making an impact for the developer than an action title.

"It will stand out more so than a shooter will," he said, speaking at GDC last week.

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Chris3993546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Or a shooter-RPG, or a shooter chess match, or a shooter racing sim or shooter Pokemon.

Stupid quote.

And honestly, enough with the shooters already.

Acidicpack3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Any game Bio Ware puts out is going to make an impact. I cant think of one game that they have put out that has not. This game cant get here soon enough. This is going to be a day one buy for me. Now what system to get it for is the question lol