411Mania: MLB 09: The Show Review

The graphics are absolutely jaw-dropping. The players sport photo-realistic faces and the animations are second to none. There are so many different fielding animations that you will see an endless variety of ways in which the fielders move and make plays. With all presentation elements turned on, you could swear you are watching a real game instead of playing a baseball game. Things like replays that break down the last strikeout or highlight the last home run, mascots riling up the crowd and even fans leaving early when the home team is getting blown out add to the experience. The ballparks look great down to the last little detail. The only thing missing is the smell of hot dogs!

The Show is fun and challenging and is the best representation of baseball I have ever played. If traditional sports games were taken more seriously as Game of the Year candidates, this game would be a top candidate to take those honors. It is that good!

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