Nvidia to Buy Chipmaker Via

Nvidia has been in a legal battle with Intel concerning their development of x86 based CPU's. Intel says they they do not have license to do so.

According to, Nvidia plans to buy a large part of VIA. VIA has a license to produce x86 CPU's Nvidia would gain access to it. This would make it a lot harder for Intel to stop them from developing and releasing their own CPU's.

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Kakkoii3517d ago

Woo, go Nvidia! Intel needs to stop trying to control the industry so much. I realize they want to do everything they can to keep profits up and remain the leader. But they shouldn't do that by being sneaky and greedy. They should do that through actually bringing out products that keep them ahead. They are scared of Nvidia's prospects and thus want to cut them off, instead of seeing who can actually bring the best product in the future.

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Solotov3516d ago

Sony will get rid of the Cell for the next Playstation.
The PS4 will have a VIA CPU and NVIDIA GPU....

Ju3516d ago

Not sure. NVidia is not better or worse then Intel. Both sit on their proprietary IP and have a hard time sharing. If NVidia doesn't give you any docs about their chipsets, you're pretty screwed, and usually they handle all driver support internally (but they do it well).

Nvidia should do it, though, buy VIA. Could be interesting. A third force besides AMD/ATI and Intel.

If Sony ditches the CELL, then for something like Larrabee, IMO. Sony would have way more control over that chip then anything NVidia comes up with (I am sure Sony doesn't even own the RSX design).

TABSF3516d ago

yeah the RSX and the Cell B.E does not belong to Sony, IBM was making the Cell years before Sony came onboard, the PS3 was originally ment to have 2 Cell B.E one for general processing and physics and the other for graphics but that went bad so they went to Nvidia for the GPU, they got the rights to have the G72 or G71 chip in the PS3 and support and continued supply i believe but thats it. the chips belong to there own respected companies like the motherboard/ mainboard is a ASUS or Foxconn design.

all PC companies lol the consoles in this gen and the future gens will reley on PC hardware more and more.

Ju3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Not true. IBM was contracted to do just that: Building the CELL for Sony's next generation PlayStation. Without Sony (and especially Kutaragi), there would be no CELL (and no 360 as we know it - go dig that book ref, and read it yourself).

The SPU team btw was completely new, only the PPU core team was "contributed" by IBM. Sony filed a ton of patents behind IBMs back for the CELL, but IBM still owns all IP regarding the PPU core (which, btw also is used in the 360s cpu, which IBM simply sold to MS without telling Sony & Toshiba).

BTW: Nvidia was contracted to build the RSX after the CELL was done, because early on Sony wanted to build their own graphics chip, but failed to get that out in time (or it didn't work at all). I guess the RSX is a bit more then just the G71, it might have a better direct interface into CELLs bus interface. And we also do not know, if NVidia gave up some design papers to Sony or Toshiba (that's basically the production part (besides IBM) in the STI alliance).

DeadlyFire3515d ago

Sony will not goto NVIDIA again. I say they will goto Intel if any GPU maker at all. Sony has wanted the Cell to stand alone as a GPU/CPU combination chip. Maybe PS4 generation is the right time for it with Cell 2 or Dual Cell 2 chips.

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mirroredderorrim3516d ago

I hope not. Sony would be fools to get rid of such a fine micro processor in favor of an exclusive Nvidia design.

freakinglogan3515d ago

The cell is a terrible idea. The trouble is that developers don't want to work with it and it is too expensive.

I agree that it is amazingly powerful but Sony can't stay in their own world.