Target Ad Shows $99 PS2

Kotaku:Like we said, going by Target's retail system, it looks likely the PS2 is about to drop to the mythical $99 price point. This catalogue scan only makes it seem more likely.

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Sarcasm3545d ago

This is probably the big announcement.

GrieverSoul3545d ago

Yeah! I think so too. Even though I´m hoping its not, its the most likely!

Bob Dole3545d ago

They could (should) announce B/C since they're obviously still selling games for the PS2.

meatnormous3544d ago

I have a launch 60 gig and when I want to play a PS2 game, I play it on the PS2. The six axis is touchy with PS2 games IMO. I also play my PS1 games on a ps1.

Bob Dole3543d ago

It works fine on Bob Dole's 60gig. But if you have all those resources at hand there's not point in using BC.

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4pocalyps33544d ago

..already announced? that the ps2 got a price cut and is going to be sold at $99...?

maverick11913544d ago

L4D you have a ps3 so why say that you noob