The Best Current-Gen Gaming Engines

Every game runs on an engine that either makes or breaks the concepts that the developers set out to accomplish during the months leading up to launch. Each of these engines has a different objective, whether it's making the sexiest game out there, or creating one of the most realistic physics systems for all those ragdoll-powered moments of glory. Whether you're trying to create the most amazingly lit landscape seen in gaming yet, or if you're going for unique concepts that can only be delivered on the most versatile of video game engines, you can't go wrong with any of the following gaming engines.

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CrippleH3519d ago

How can you rate CryEngine 3 when it's not even completed yet.

It hasn't even been put in a game yet.

Crysis Warhead is using CryEngine 2 not 3 so far.

jack who3519d ago

no Engine is ever completed

BulletToothtony3519d ago

it's a different thing to show an engine, and then to use it in a game..

K2 has proven that it can handle graphics, detail, physics and AI, cryengine has proven nothing... i know what kind of people write these articles.. and they are not very bright people

Chubear3519d ago

Hands down it's the Edge Engine that runs KILLZONE 2. That thing is a beast. Can you imagine an RPG or MMO on that thing?!

king dong3519d ago

killzones engine is no1 for me at the mo. with capcoms MTframework engine, and the beast that's gonna be running gran tourismo. although, it's pretty clear that the CRYengine3 engine is going to be something special.

the unreal3 engine needs to right now!

GWAVE3519d ago

Wow. This article is pathetic. Havok is good. I'll give the author that.

But Unreal3 and Source? If he was planning on making me laugh, he succeeded.

Leathersoup3519d ago

I agree. If cry-engine is on the list then idtech 5 should be as well.

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KenAdamsNSA3519d ago

It's referring to CryEngine in general. CryEngine 3 is just the picture I used.

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Slinger4203519d ago

are Killzone 2 and Modern Warfare/World at War

IcarusOne3519d ago

I was especially surprised MW wasn't included since that engine is one of the most beautiful my screen has ever seen. I can't imagine the PS3 cult will be happy that Killzone has been left off the list. My only thought, in terms of justification, is that the engine is still unproven.

squidyj3519d ago

It's more of a case of limited application of Killzone's engine IMO

BTW CoD4 looks like ass. It's a lot of fun but it does not look good at all.

Chubear3519d ago

All they naysayers like you said the 2005 KZ2 trailer was impossible for even the PS4 to reach and KZ2 surpassed the trailer but you still call the Engine unproven?

You're just a hater that's tired of eating crow cause you all got Killzoned!

IcarusOne3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

But that doesn't change the fact that KZ2 did not meet the target render, let alone surpass it. Not only are you now the one who's high (which I don't hold against you), but you're a blind fanboy to boot.

Every engine on that list has been used by more than just the devs who designed it. That's why I call the KZ engine unproven. Just because Guerrilla can make a pretty game with it, doesn't mean it's an engine with staying power. Let's wait and see what other devs do with it.

Calm down, buddy.

Marcelles253519d ago

littlebigplanet and infamous both use deferred rendering engines i dont know if it the exact same one but they use the same thing basically

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KionicWarlord2223519d ago

the unreal and the source engines are really good. i cant wait to see cry engines should be pretty big.

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The story is too old to be commented.