SceneGamer: Stormrise PC Review

SceneGamer writes: "When a game is designed to fail, it usually does, and Stormrise is no exception. Whip select might work well in games where you only control one or two squads, but when you try to tack it onto a full blown RTS you have a recipe for disaster. Trying to control multiple squads in real time using this system is frustrating beyond belief. I almost encourage gamers to try Stormrise out just to make them appreciate the other titles in their gaming libraries."

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ThatCanadianGuy3549d ago

I have never seen a game score that low.


Chubear3548d ago

Really?... how long have you been seriously gaming?

scenegamer3548d ago

Looking back, the review probably does contain a little too much emotion.

The score is justified though, it is a horrible, broken game and not worth anyones time or money.

Chubear3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

have you played the game though? I'm sorry I just don't trust editorial reviews at all. You never know the personal issues the review may have with certain developers, features, console etc.

I'll wait and see what others are saying about it and hopefully there'll be a demo. If I enjoy the demo then I'm in on this. I want to support Console RTSs but ofcourse, only if they're done properly for consoles, none of that Red Alert 3 BS.

I just can't believe this game is worse that RA3 on consoles but I'll find out for myself though and I'll certainly let the gaming community know what I think of it.


lalapin08103548d ago

lol . rts on console = fail

3548d ago
Mcrmarcher3548d ago

EPIC FAIL! sorry somebody had to say it in caps =P

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